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After purchase you will receive full XBOX ONE and E-mail data.
✅ RP Rank :- RP Level 1-10 Rank Random
✅ MONEY INFINITE DELUXOS ( DELUXOS INFINITES ) : Every time you sell a Deluxos it will appear again, that’s why the money is infinite when selling the Deluxos
✅ Character one is set up with magic deluxo slots which will fill the account with 945M of sellable deluxos
✅ Bank the cash and use character 2 to have a gaming expeirence without any deluxos in the way with all the benefits of the money
✅ The magic deluxo slots mean any property you buy will fill with deluxos when you go to story mode then back to online or you can keep using the Ten 10 car garages i have provided as they will also refill
✅ Random Characters
✅ Free Name Change
✅ Verified Accounts (Secure)
✅ Delivery time – Instant
✅ Clean/New Fresh Modded Account (Works in XBOX ONE)
✅ Without any Game-Bans.
✅ Full access with email & password
✅ This Account doesn’t come with GTA 5 game and console Subscription. If you already own both on your main account then you don’t need to buy it again, otherwise you need to buy it.
✅ No previous owners, the account is created by our team for sale only. Safest possible methods used to add levels and money.
✅ After purchase warranty

Any further query can be cleared via 24/7 Live chat Support.

Important Note:
This account can be used on XBOX ONE and XBOX series normal Version Instantly and once the profile is more than 30 days old you can migrate the profile and use the same account on enhanced version of GTA V.